Food Packaging

Our transparent and compostable PLA packaging made from renewable raw materials is the ideal companion for your exceptional organic products. As natural boxes for keeping fruit and vegetables fresh, they provide individual, packaging in keeping with all your products complying with organic standards.In this way, consumers gain an appropriate perception of your organic products, which in turn makes them stand out from the competition.

Fruit & Vegetable Natural boxes from Naturapackaging to keep Grapes and Cherry Tomatoes
Microplastic-free and compostable packaging from Naturapackaging is used for organic carrots, pasta and tomatoes

NATURAPACKAGING® FILMS take nature as their model. This is already evident in the raw materials used: cellulose, starch, vegetable oil, sugar cane or lactic acid. These raw materials thereby originate from nature and return completely to nature after use.

However, sustainable compostable packaging offers decisive advantages for customers as well. The breathable films keep fruit, vegetables and bread fresh longer, partnered the whole time by climate friendliness. When the packaging is recycled, 80% of the CO2 is saved compared to its traditional plastic counterpart.

The wide range of packaging solutions is also impressive: FlowPack bags-on-a-roll for apples, potatoes or carrots are a byword for individual solutions.

The lining bags are made from renewable raw materials, are compostable and OK Compost Home certified according to EN 13432. The bags are perfect for use in reusable vegetable boxes, not only keep the boxes clean, but also fruit, vegetables and bread stay fresh longer.

By using the lining bag, the boxes stay clean, this not only saves you time and money, as cleaning the boxes is no longer necessary. When using cardboard boxes, they can also be reused several times, as the bags are waterproof. All products in the box can be removed together by tying the liner bag shut, and if the customer does not arrive, the box can be taken away again.

The bags are also certified for direct contact with (fatty) food, are guaranteed non-GMO and can be used several times - saving important resources! Suitable for NAPF reusable crates in sizes 1 to 4 as well as IFCO reusable crates. Our bags are microplastic free.

Lined fruit and vegetable crate with compostable Biomat liner bags
Mikroplastikfreie und kompostierbare Verpackungen von Naturapackaging werden für Bio-Karotten, Nudeln und Tomaten verwendet