Industrial Packaging

NATURABIOMAT® industrial packaging is absolutely sustainable. All packaging is biodegradable and compostable. This means that the natural cycle picks up speed.

Compared to plastics, BIOMAT® packaging saves up to 80% CO2 during recycling. Whoever uses this packaging does something good for his customers, the environment and the climate.

BIOMAT® packaging solutions are also real all-rounders: The films made from renewable raw materials are used for packaging magazines, lining bags for boxes or thermoformed and moulded parts and tyre bags.

Our wheel/tyre storage bags, which are biodegradable and produced in the EU, are a genuine and above all totally renewable and microplastic-free alternative to LDPE/MDPE materials.

These wheel/tyre storage bags are manufactured from renewable raw materials. Their minimum shelf life is around 18 months, and after being used several times they are suitable for disposal as residual waste.
Our wheel/tyre storage bags are available in green film colour, packed loose 200 pieces to a box.

However, customised printed versions are possible for quantities of 10,000 or more.

It would be even more environmentally friendly not to mail magazines and advertising leaflets in film at all. However, strict postal regulations prevent this from happening. NATURAPACKAGING® mailing film represents a true alternative to conventional plastic film.

Our mailing film, which is biodegradable and compostable to EN 13432 standard, is manufactured not from mineral oil but rather from the latest thermoplastic biodegradable polyester, vegetable oil components and corn starch. The film boasts the following features: it is highly transparent, sealable on both sides, with good printability and contact transparency.

Magazines packed with compostable mailing film from Naturapackaging