BIOMAT® Agricultural Film

We have a new answer to the old weed problem: our BIOMAT® agricultural film. This is a mulching film made from sustainable raw materials, which will completely decompose in the ground. 

  • is a biodegradable mulching film which contains sustainable raw materials
  • standard widths: 1.00 and 1.40m
  • standard lengths: 1,000 to 2,000m per roll
  • film gauge: 0.018mm for seasonal cultivation outdoors; 0.015mm for greenhouse cultivation and salad crops, black
  • durability: 8 to 16 weeks, dependent on climate and local soil conditions

Recycling Tip:BIOMAT® Agricultural Film is made from sustainable raw materials and is proven to be biodegradable.

What are the advantages of mulching with BIOMAT® Agricultural Film?

  • effective weed control
  • favourable growing conditions
  • better warming up of the soil
  • improved nutrient release
  • protection from drying out
  • less watering requiredclean crops free from rot

After harvesting, simply plough the remains of the film into the ground, where the microorganisms present in the soil will do the rest!

BIOMAT® Agricultural Film can be ordered between December and January.