BIOMAT® Dog Waste Kit

Local authorities and the environment both stand to profit equally from our BIOMAT®dog waste disposal system, consisting of a bag dispenser, a waste bin and a square section steel post together with our biodegradable dog waste bags.

Our dog waste bags are great in any language. With tourist destinations specially in mind, our bags are printed in German, Italian and English.


Tip: The BIOMAT® dog waste disposal system is also available in stainless steel! This model, produced without powder coating, is even friendlier to the environment and its modern, high quality design is sure to impress. 

BIOMAT® Dog Waste Bags

Are you looking for a solution to your dog waste disposal problems? If so, you are on the right track here. Our handy and biodegradable glove-sized dog waste bags fit into all handbags and jacket pockets and are always at hand when your dog needs to do his urgent business. 

Dealing with these bags is terribly simple:

  •  Put the glove-sized dog waste on your hand, pick up the business and tie the bag up.
  • Dispose of the ‘package’ in the nearest public waste bin. Done!

The glove-sized dog waste bags contain sustainable raw materials and are proven to be biodegradable in accordance with EN 13432. To prove this the certified biodegradable bags carry the following symbols:

BIOMAT® Dog Waste Bags in Consumer Pack

These handy and biodegradable glove-sized dog waste bags fit into every handbag and jacket pocket and are always at hand when your dog needs to do his urgent business. 

Our glove-sized dog waste bags are also available in HDPE (plastic).