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Nature as the Shining Example

The future trend in packaging looks like this:

Pack Nature into Nature! Which is precisely why NATURAPACKAGING® products offer you packaging innovations made from raw materials which simply grow again - for instance, cellulose, starch, vegetable oil, sugar cane or lactic acid.  They originate in nature and return completely back to nature after use.  This sustainable organic packaging offers you, your customers and, naturally, the environment a whole range of advantages.

Naturally healthy:

Packaging from the NATURAPACKAGING® range offers foodstuffs and natural products a healthy plus point: the breathable containers keep fruit, vegetables and bread fresh for longer.

Naturally sustainable:

The entire NATURAPACKAGING® range is biodegradable and compostable in accordance with EN 13432 and decays into exactly those substances from which the next generation of “packaging plants” can grow.  A natural cycle begins – and you start it off!

Naturally climate friendly:

In times of climate change NATURAPACKAGING® saves up to 80% CO₂when recycled, compared to its synthetic counterparts. 

Competitive advantage, naturally:

In short: whoever uses NATURAPACKAGING® is benefitting their customers, the environment and the climate.  NATURAPACKAGING® puts the focus on innovative naturalness, leaving those who prefer synthetics way behind. 

Back to Nature:

The way we see it, it’s not enough just to talk about sustainability:  instead, you need to turn it into reality, using our NATURAPACKAGING® solutions. 

Wrapped up in Innovation:

With NATURAPACKAGING® a whole range of packaging solutions is available to you for various applications, for instance FlowPack tear-off bags for apples, potatoes, carrots, etc.  We consider ourselves to be a full service supplier within our field and will gladly assist you in developing your individual packaging solutions.  You will benefit from our long years of experience and our high level of technical competence, which influence each of our projects.