BIOMAT temporary recycling restaurant Vienna Design Week 2013

09.09.2013 10:38

When we cook at home and cultivate a balanced diet, we can accumulate enough energy (biogas) by means of organic waste collection.That makes us not only healthy, but also independent. This thesis was recently proved in the TU Vienna study initiated by MOA (former design studio Vera Wiedermann). 

Until we reach the ideal storing of our own biogas, we provide you with an opportunity to collect and bring your organic waste to the temporary recycling restaurant BIOMAT, Aromat, Margaretenstra├če 52 in Vienna during the Vienna Design Week 2013, dated September 28th till October 10th. Here your waste sacks will be weighed and acquired energy value will be recalculated into a nutrition value voucher. You can use it while consuming food and drinks in the above mentioned restaurant. Vera Wiedermann is going to patronize the project, making sure that your biodegradable waste return to you as biogas from your own cooking site.

Our products fulfill the demands of an environmentally aware consumer generation, NATURABIOMAT® is happy to support this project.

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