About us

NATURABIOMAT is a family business which thinks and acts ecologically. We rely on full personal commitment in dealing with our customers, partners and the environment for more than 25 years. This enables us to build long-term and sustainable relationships with our suppliers. As a result, our private and corporate customers benefit directly from the consistently high quality of NATURABIOMAT products.

We are innovative pioneers. Refinement and optimisation of the materials used are a matter of course. New findings are always feeding into the products. This in turn means that our customers can also have the good, secure feeling of always receiving the best and most sound advice and being able to hold products in their hands that are at the cutting edge of possibilities.

Exterior view of headquarters in Schwaz next to fields and mountains
Naturabiomat Management in the office


We have a clear mission. With biointelligent packaging, a plastic-free future should become a reality. We want to create added value and benefits for society. To achieve this, we put great emphasis on hygienically separated compostable waste collection with our products and thereby promote the use of compostable materials for energy generation and the production of compost. Last but not least, our NATURAPACKAGING packaging contributes to prolonging the shelf life of food.

We believe that sustainability starts in the mind. For us, as an ecologically active company, this starts with our company building and continues with the products that are produced with resource-saving state-of-the-art technologies.
We think internationally and act locally from our locations in Austria, Germany, Norway and Finland. We obtain our raw materials from sustainable agriculture. Together with partner organisations, these are transformed into valuable and environmentally friendly products.


Our unconditional striving for environmentally conscious action is also reflected in the architecture and furnishings of our headquarters. The company building, which was opened in September 2016, is an energy and resource-saving structure that offers our employees and of course also guests of the company a state-of-the-art and above all healthy working environment.

For example, all the electricity required is generated by a roof-mounted solar panel system, and the garden and green roofs are watered from the company's own groundwater well. A central ventilation system with heat recovery certified to Passivhaus standards is the sustainable icing on the cake.

Interior view of the office
Interior view of the office

Our Certifications

Company level
As an ISO 14001 certified company we commit ourselves to being environmentally responsible, to define and comply with environmental objectives and pledge ourselves to adhere to environmental legislation.
ISO 9001 certification covers the permanent improvement of our quality management system at all levels, from resource management to responsible administration and the continuous analysis of our processes, up to and including efficient product implementation.
With the ISO 22000 certificate, we meet specific requirements in the sensitive area of food contact safety that go beyond the legally prescribed standards.
Product level
With EN 13432 certification, we substantiate the compostability and biodegradability of our products. The typical “seedling” logo and the 7P number on our products are the visual representation of this quality standard.
OK compost Industrial: With this award we confirm the compostability of our organic waste bags and packaging in industrial plants.
OK compost Home: With this award we confirm the compostability of the organic waste bags even at low temperatures in the area of ​​self-composting.