Waste Solutions

BIOMAT® waste solutions are real all-rounders and ingenious problem solvers. The beneficiaries of these solutions are widespread, to be sure: to give just one example, communities and the environment all benefit from the BIOMAT® Walkies System, and BIOMAT® compostable bags are a real breath of fresh air for compostable waste.

BIOMAT® agricultural film in turn rethinks the weed problem. This mulch film, which contains renewable raw materials, also just simply rots away in the soil. The bin liners for compostable waste solve very real problems as well: the stench from compostable waste, residual waste and recyclable material bins is now a thing of the past.

With these products, everyday life and nature always remain in harmony.

Familie verwendet Naturabiomat Produkte

Our Certifications

Company level
As an ISO 14001 certified company we commit ourselves to being environmentally responsible, to define and comply with environmental objectives and pledge ourselves to adhere to environmental legislation.
ISO 9001 certification covers the permanent improvement of our quality management system at all levels, from resource management to responsible administration and the continuous analysis of our processes, up to and including efficient product implementation.
With the ISO 22000 certificate, we meet specific requirements in the sensitive area of food contact safety that go beyond the legally prescribed standards.
Product level
With EN 13432 certification, we substantiate the compostability and biodegradability of our products. The typical “seedling” logo and the 7P number on our products are the visual representation of this quality standard.
OK compost Industrial: With this award we confirm the compostability of our organic waste bags and packaging in industrial plants.
OK compost Home: With this award we confirm the compostability of the organic waste bags even at low temperatures in the area of ​​self-composting.