Everything that's biodegradable

It can be so easy to do the right thing for the future of our world and nature. Simply giving nature what she needs and not imposing something on her that destroys and damages her. We all have just one decision to make here: Shall I use plastic or Naturabiomat?

When waste becomes valuable again

At Naturabiomat, we are not really satisfied until bin liners for compostable waste break down as quickly as their contents. In this way we give something valuable back to nature: compost. Scientifically tested and guaranteed, naturally. Bin liners for compostable waste also help to improve the purity of separately collected organic waste. A modern treatment plant for compostable waste can then process 250,000 tonnes of compostable waste into 48,000 tonnes of compost and 83,000,000 kWh of biomethane.