Waste Solutions

Dog Poop Bags

It is clear to see who stands to benefit from our BIOMAT Walkies system: above all it is communities and the environment, which can can breathe a sigh of relief and rely completely on this system! The system consists of a dispenser box, a waste bin and square section tubular steel posts in combination with our biodegradable dog waste bags.

The BIOMAT Walkies dog waste system is also available in a stainless steel version. This version is even more environmentally friendly as it does not require any powder coating and is impressive not least thanks to its modern and particularly elegant design.

Do you need a practicable, comprehensive and environmentally friendly solution for dog waste? BIOMAT biodegradable dog waste bags are the answer! These practical and biodegradable glove-type bags fit into every handbag and jacket pocket. So, they are ready for use just when your dog has to do his urgent business and he really can’t wait.

They are really straightforward to use: simply put the bag over your hand, pick up the business, close the bag and dispose of it in the nearest waste bin.